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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

To help you make the right decision and optimize your Human Resources management, Ô KONECT offers you the following solutions:


A “Recruitment department” is specially dedicated to this task within Ô-Konect . When a company submits "a recruitment request", Ô-Konect either selects spontaneous applications from its database, or it makes a choice on the basis of criteria issued by the company. 

A series of tests is organized to make it possible to verify the aptitudes of the candidate in relation to the needs expressed by the client. In the end, the company will validate or not the profile proposals made by Ô-Konect 

In search of suitable solutions, Ô-Konect offers this service to its customers during one-off missions requiring specific skills. We delegate what we call “a supervisor”. The Supervisor is directly linked to one of our representations depending on the location of our client's site. It can be affected :

   Permanently according to the number of agents made available to it ;

   At regular intervals by carrying out field visits .

The assessment center was set up to measure the candidate's suitability for a position. Through this service, Ô-Konect supports you in the management of your talents.


Ô-Konect is your partner in the implementation of a coherent remuneration policy.

The Human Resources administration ensures compliance with labor law legislation for the administrative management of personnel. Whether you are a large or small business, Ô-Konect offers you to outsource this service by helping you navigate the labyrinth of local administrative formalities .


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