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Call Center

Call Center

A call center is a centralized department that is designed to handle phone calls from potential and current customers. They can be either inbound and/or outbound that are located either within a company or delegated to a company such O-Konect.

With O-Konect call center service, one can make or take calls while at the same time keep contact through any offered customer service channel. Our service is used by businesses of any sizes to increase sales such as:

Medical practices
Product help desk
Online merchants
Financial institutions
Real estate companies
Property managers
Polling services and charities
Any organization that uses telephone to improve customer service

O-Konect call/contact center ensures that your customers can talk with live receptionist, resolve issues, give information and provide sales opportunities for an organization.

Here are benefits of using our call center service:

Handle seasonal call volues
Support customers after hours
Reduction of maintenance and fixed costs
Spend more time on your core business


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